As the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Specialist for the Northland District of the United States Postal Service I enjoyed working with Anita from 2007 until I retired in 2012. In my numerous observations of Anita, I found her to be personable, professional and effective when working with employees and management. She was prompt and reliable and I experienced no concerns when assigning cases to Anita. She has the ability to understand both sides of a dispute while remaining neutral in working with parties toward resolution. Anita will be an asset in her service to any organization.

Nancy Howe

Anita is always professional, supportive and dependable. I hired Anita to mediate a family business transition matter for my company and she resolved it quickly. I was very pleased with her mediation process. After Anita worked with my staff, the tension was gone and it was an enjoyable place to work again. It was such a relief for me as the owner. I would not hesitate to work with Anita again and recommend her to other business owners.

Gary Ouellette

Owner of Hopkins Tire & Auto

I have come to depend on Anita as my go-to mediator. She is my first choice for my own cases, and I have recommended her to other attorneys and parties as well. The feedback I have received from those who have used her services has been very positive. I have seen her in action mediating family law cases, business/vendor contract issues and employment cases. Her style is highly effective and her mediation facility is above the norm.

Kimberly M. Hanlon

Attorney at Law

We used Anita to mediate with our family business. We had multiple layers of issues that had been plaguing us. She was incredible at holding a peaceful space and helping us identify expectations. We spent a weekend working with different combinations of people. We worked out some long standing family dynamics that had been hindering our ability to hear each other. We learned so much, and the lasting result is that we are able to identify and find our way out of old patterns. She has a gift with her ability to respect and honor all sides of a situation. Her presence allows for a pause when emotions run high and she also knows how to be flexible and ride the wave. I would highly recommend her as a mediator.

Ellis Peterson

Business Owner

I referred a business owner to Anita for help when an issue with a colleague had implications too big to ignore. Anita helped the two strong personalities work through the issue, restore the business relationship to a workable level for them both, and prevent a more negative impact on others. Without Anita’s expertise, I’m not sure this would have happened. Anita’s expertise and her calm and caring approach are remarkable!

Terri O'Dowd

Business & Personal Assistant

Anita had more success in working out our divorce issues than others have had in the past. I am grateful for what I am receiving now.